Amicus Briefs

Court rulings play a critical role in helping to address the problem of asserting low quality patents. As part of its Patent Quality Initiative, Askeladden submits “amicus” – or “friend of the court” – briefs on issues of broad importance and interest in court cases.

Courts are especially important because they have the authority to impose costs and, in appropriate cases, issue more significant sanctions against NPEs who abuse the patent system.

Amicus briefs serve to inform courts of the perspective of small and large companies that rely on strong patents and aim to assist in the development of legal rules and standards that will improve the quality of future patents and decrease frivolous suits.

Below is a list of the amicus briefs submitted by Askeladden.

Case  Court  Date  Subject Matter  Press Release 
JTEKT Corp. v. GKN Automotive Ltd. Federal Circuit 9/18/2018 Standing in Inter Partes Review Appeals
RPX Corp. v. ChanBond LLC Supreme Court 6/19/2018 Standing in Inter Partes Review Appeals Release
Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe v. Mylan et al. Federal Circuit 5/17/2018 Tribal Immunity and Inter Partes Reviews Release
Mylan et al. v. Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe PTAB 12/1/2017 Tribal Immunity and Inter Partes Reviews Release
Oil States Services v. Greene's Energy Group Supreme Court 10/30/2017  Constitutionality of Inter Partes reviews Release
In re Aqua Products
Federal Circuit 11/3/2016 Claim amendments in Inter Partes reviews
SCA Hygiene v. First Quality Baby Products Supreme Court 9/19/2016 Laches as a defense to patent infringement
Personal Audio v. Electronic Frontier Foundation
Federal Circuit 8/1/2016 Participation in appeals of PTAB decisions
Limelight Networks v. Akamai Technologies
Supreme Court 3/4/2016 Multi-party direct infringement
Halo v. Pulse / Stryker v. Zimmer
Supreme Court 12/16/2015 Enhanced damages under 35 U.S.C. § 284
Mankes v. Vivid Seats / Mankes v. Fandango
Federal Circuit 8/10/2015 Multi-party direct infringement
Intellectual Ventures v. JPMorgan Chase
Federal Circuit  5/15/2015 Stays pending post-grant review

SCA Hygiene v. First Quality Baby Products
Federal Circuit 4/23/2015 Laches as a defense to patent infringement
Summit Data v. NetApp
Federal Circuit 4/6/2015 Attorneys’ fees under 35 U.S.C. § 285
Commil v. Cisco
Supreme Court  2/26/2015 Good faith belief of invalidity 
Intellectual Ventures v. Capital One
Federal Circuit 10/21/2014  Patentable subject matter
Intellectual Ventures v. JPMorgan Chase
Federal Circuit 9/15/2014  Stays pending post-grant review