PQI Outreach

Through its PQI, Askeladden is working to strengthen and support the patent examination process.  For example, Askeladden has and will continue to coordinate briefings for patent examiners on the evolution of technology in financial services with cites to relevant prior art documents. Example education focus areas include payment systems (e.g., ACH, wire, debit, credit), security and authentication, and mortgage processing and servicing systems.

In addition, Askeladden believes that it is important to understand the vital role that patents play in maintaining and supporting various areas of industry including, for example, the critical financial infrastructure in the United States. Askeladden is available to help reporters and editors understand the benefits of strong patents (and dangers of invalid patents) across industries. Askeladden is also able to assist academics and professionals who conduct research to better distinguish between abusive and healthy patent behavior.